Sonic BBS is an old school bulletin board brought into the 21st century. Whilst still supporting traditional telnet connections we offer other means of connecting and communicating.


SSH - Connect via SSH for increased security. Check out our connect page for more options.
Games - Play doorgames with other users and compete in inter-bbs leagues.
NNTP - Connect to our news server to read & reply to messages and users from all around the world.
POP/SMTP - Connect your email client to message other users.

FTN Networks

We are active on the following networks and can supply you a node/point number or help get your BBS connected.
2:250/[email protected], 21:4/[email protected]FSXNet, 88:88/[email protected], 314:314/[email protected], [email protected], 316:341/[email protected], 64:500/[email protected], 80:774/[email protected], 900:104/[email protected]